Social dividend: "ceiling" income of beneficiaries to receive an Easter gift

The wave of austerity that has swept through the country makes it necessary to provide assistance to social groups that have suffered in recent years.

But at the same time, the Ukrainian crisis sets new standards for the payment of a social dividend, and this measure is becoming imperative. The Ministry of Finance is developing a special algorithm on the basis of which financial assistance will be provided, the newspaper writes.

The goal of the government is to give the benefit only to those who really need it, which means that several factors will need to be taken into account in the selection process. This data makes any prediction of the end result uncertain.

As soon as the financial authorities complete the calculation, officials will draw up a list of the final number of beneficiaries. After that, the final amount of the allowance will be determined.

The only thing known for certain is that the benefit will not apply to businesses, and that the government wants the benefit to be credited to beneficiaries’ accounts before Easter.

The subsidy system will take into account income, savings, marital status, and even household composition to determine recipients and the amount of the subsidy.

Based on budget constraints, the amount of the benefit will not exceed 300 euros for each recipient, but even this amount will not be the same for everyone.

The issue that concerns the Ministry of Finance is to try to prepare an algorithm within the next month to determine the status and select beneficiaries. In doing so, multiple criteria will be used to help only the truly vulnerable.

The level of income will play a key role in the choice, but will not be the only one. The “ceiling” will be set at €7,500.

However, the level of income will not be enough, since the algorithm will also calculate the type of income. That is, priority will be given to those whose income has not increased over the last period. In addition, a key role will be played by whether the income is a pension, salary, allowance or comes from another source.

The asset status of the beneficiaries will also play an important role, as it will be checked whether they own real estate or other assets of high value. The condition of deposits will be carefully checked. For this, data provided by banks will be used, as well as interest on deposits, which are declared in the tax return.

Decisions will be made after March 4, when there will be an official picture of the pace of economic recovery in 2021 and income figures in February.

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