European Commission releases 13th extended monitoring report on Greece

Greece has taken all necessary actions to meet specific commitments despite the adverse conditions prevailing due to the pandemic, according to the European Commission’s 13th Intensified Surveillance Report released on Wednesday.

The report has been prepared in the context of a strengthened oversight system that serves to provide continued support for Greece’s implementation of its reform commitments following the successful completion of the financial assistance program in 2018.

The report concludes that Greece has taken the necessary actions to fulfill its specific obligations, despite the difficult circumstances that the pandemic continues to create.

The authorities have fulfilled specific commitments in various areas, in particular to improve the efficiency of public administration, complete the administrative reorganization of the Unified Pension Fund, simplify the licensing of investments in agreed sectors, implement broader structural reforms, especially in the area of ​​digitalization, and launch a recovery and resilience plan. .

The European Institutions have welcomed the close and constructive engagement of the authorities in all areas and are calling on the authorities to maintain the momentum and, if necessary, step up efforts to address the delays caused in part by the pandemic.


PS The optimism of the European Commission’s reports is simply over the top. It’s just that prices are skyrocketing, real wages are falling, and people, looking at their empty wallets, are thinking, guys, but they’re fooling us …

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