Fraud at toll points has reached an all-time high

“Fare deniers” are almost back-to-back behind the cars in front and, as soon as the barrier opens, they drive through the toll station in a “trailer”. What are the penalties for violators?

A growing number of complaints come from hundreds of drivers in Greece who ‘hare’ through toll booths, refusing to pay the prescribed fee.

Citizens who recently contacted carandmotor wanted to share their complaints about such irresponsible behavior on the roads of a number of our fellow citizens who do not hesitate to ignore barriers and strive to pass “at someone else’s expense.”

This phenomenon has been observed for many years, but has recently reached its peak – after a significant increase in fuel prices, the site writes. During the departure of the Athenians from the city last weekend (February 17-20), a large number of such violations were observed.

How it’s done

“Fare deniers” have a habit of “gluing” their car to the back of the vehicle in front. After the driver of the latter has paid the toll and passed the raised barrier, the violators put their foot on the gas pedal and quickly pass through the payment point.

It is clear that those who refuse to pay the fare use the time (sufficient for them) between the opening and closing of the barrier, thus avoiding paying the fare.

This anti-social practice is even easier for motorcyclists who wait patiently on the right side of the freeway and then speed through as soon as the barriers open.

Violators try not to show their license plates, and therefore resort to all sorts of tricks.

It is clear that this phenomenon has come under the scrutiny of the competent authorities, who have installed cameras to record and confirm violations at key stations of the Athens-Lamia national road, as the Greek police announce from time to time.

Violators are fined 100 euros and lose their driver’s license and registration certificate, as well as car license plates for 20 days. Cameras “photograph” those who do not pay, and then the fine comes home to the irresponsible citizen.

It should be noted that, in addition to an administrative fine, this practice also carries significant risks, since there are many cases of accidents when “refuseniks” collided with the car in front.

Alas, among the malicious non-payers who are members of the “Don’t Cry” (Δεν Πληρωνω) movement, there are not only those who really cannot afford “extra expenses”, but also principled citizens, such as, for example, the former speaker of the Greek parliament Zoe Constantopoulou.

Recall that the public movement “Don’t Cry” caused a heated debate in Greece. Some call it civil disobedience, others call it a free-spirited spirit.

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