Believe it or not: the magic of the “mirror date”

Astrologers promise today the fulfillment of desires – the day of six deuces can bring large-scale changes. The unique mirror date 02/22/2022 allows you to make the most fantastic wishes, astrologers say, and suggest how to do it right.

Today, February 22, the mirror date on the calendar is 02/22/2022. It reads the same in both directions, so it refers to palindrome dates, which is very rare. Astrologers believe that such days are endowed with a special influence on fate, and today’s “day of six deuces” is able to bring large-scale changes. In addition, this is the 22nd lunar day and Tuesday is the second day of the week, which increases the number of “twos” and increases the “magic” of numbers.

The advice of astrologers can be heeded or taken with skepticism, but what are they talking about? Today it is worth making wishes and adhering to certain rules – the energy of the day promises their fulfillment. It is undesirable to conflict, quarrel, remember old grievances and wish for evil – it will be reflected, as in a mirror, and return to the ill-wisher. On this day, thoughts have a special tendency to materialize, so that bad forecasts and fears can come true.

Astrologers advise today to think positively, start new and mend broken relationships, put up, start a business and new projects, make plans, confess your feelings and make an offer, make wishes. Any decision made today can radically change fate or affect it. So it is worth taking it in a calm state, with a positive attitude.

But the most important thing is that the wish made today promises to come true, contributing to the implementation of plans, the achievement of goals, the understanding of the main values ​​and guidelines in life. And to fulfill it, astrologers advise you to think over and formulate your desire as accurately as possible. Feel all its power.

It will surely come true only if it is your true desire, based on a clear understanding of who you are and what you really want. False, for the sake of society or imposed standards, alas, will not come true. It is important that only good and pure intentions that concern only you will be fulfilled. Wishing for another person and instead of him will not work.

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