An old woman who lost her house, put up for auction, died unable to bear the grief

A 70-year-old elderly woman from Kalamata tragically died shortly after she lost her house, which “went under the hammer.” According to her close relatives, the auction made the old woman homeless.

Her suffering was such that it eventually led to her death, her son claims. As writes a woman in recent years faced unbearable financial difficulties, as she tried to make ends meet. She did not renew her license at the kiosk where she worked, and her debts began to grow.
The unfortunate woman, as her son complains, “left”, unable to bear the grief, and “losing the auction”, lost a small apartment, which she took on a mortgage while she worked.

“The bank did not make any compromise,” complain her relatives. The old woman could not endure the mental anguish she experienced from the cruelty of the situation, seeing that her efforts were in vain, and passed away.

Residents of the area are shocked by this news and attribute all responsibility to the tough policy of banks, which, as they complain, do not make any compromises. A 70-year-old woman received a pension of 347 euros.

“It was a nightmare for us to hear about the death of a 70-year-old woman who lost her house after the auction, which was held in quarantine in 2020,” the Committee for the Struggle of Pensioners of Kalamata (Επιτροπή Αγώνα Συνταξιούχων Καλαμάτας) said in a statement.

According to the committee, this is an incident that shows the attitude of various debt management organizations and banks, as a particular woman, who lived on a meager pension of 347 euros per month, was called to leave her home.

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