February 8, 2023

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Questions about the death of three girls in one family

New questions are raised by the medical records of three girls who died within three years, the daughters of a married couple, residents of the city of Patras.

The death of three girls from the Daskalakis family in Patras shocked the whole country. The main question remains open: is this family a victim of tragic circumstances, or is there something more “sinister” in the death of three children?

Note that in the coming days, a consultation will be held, which will consider 25 testimonies of doctors, nurses and individuals, in order to establish the circumstances of the death of Iris, Malena and Georgina.

“The three girls did not have any significant health problems that would have served as a basis for their death. And all this happened within about 33 months. All this is very strange, and the girls were completely different ages. In fact, before they entered this “dark period”, which coincided with problems in the family between the spouses, they did not have any health problems. As if one passed the baton of “death” to the other…”, one of the most famous cardiac surgeons noted in his report familiar with the death case. At the same time, new questions arise about little Malena’s medical record.

This is the position of high-ranking judicial and police sources. in.gr. According to the published information, the prosecutor’s office is particularly concerned about other details that were provided unofficially. Alarming information has emerged about how forensic and especially toxicological examinations were carried out in the first year. The source describes them as “formal” because not all substances were analyzed.

History of Malena

Speaking about the causes of death of little Malena, who ended up in a children’s hospital in 2019 and died suddenly there, the doctors are perplexed. Histological examination revealed extensive damage to the liver, which was interpreted by forensic pathologist Christina Tsakona as “liver failure”. However, both the clinical picture and the complete medical record available to the source of information (the media) do not justify the tragic outcome.

Questions 9+1

In the same report, based on the medical records of the deceased girls, there are 9+1 questions that the judiciary and police will have to answer during the investigation:

Whether Malena was correctly diagnosed, and whether she ended up with chronic but acute liver failure due to drugs or other drugs taken either intravenously or orally, has not been established. What exactly was the examination for (what substances were standard toxicological tests made for) Malena. Where did the abrasion on the nose of Malena come from. Samples (cellular material) from Malena should be immediately re-examined to determine if the girl died of liver failure or was misdiagnosed. This also applies to Irida’s death. The materials should be re-examined to determine if she really had sinus agenesis or if the infant showed signs of liver failure due to medication. The results of the full (toxicological and histological) analyzes of Georgina are awaited. A general diagnosis is needed. Histologic findings should be reviewed and re-examined by the same pathologist to make a diagnosis of death for all three children. Georgina’s remains must be exhumed to retrieve and examine the pacemaker that was buried with her. Obtain a clinical diagnosis from doctors regarding the cause of Georgina’s cardiac arrest, which resulted in severe disability in April 2021, when there were no previous problems. It was decided to ask doctors for a clinical diagnosis of the girl’s health problems, the reasons that caused her severe disability in April 2021, while there was no pre-existing problem. Characteristically, the child was in the hospital for at least three months, and the causes of death could not remain “undiagnosed.”

It is also necessary to investigate the situation why the mother of the children, being pregnant in March 2021, decided to have an abortion, claiming that she was afraid of the birth of a child with genetic problems. However, in reality, this is not true, because, judging by the results of the genetic test conducted on her and her husband, nothing of the kind could have arisen in principle.

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