Harris demands tougher punishment from Mitsotakis for black man’s killer

According to the information, one of the issues raised by the American side during the meeting of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with US Vice President Kamala Harris in Munich was the functioning of Greek justice.

According to the publication cathimerinithe American Vice President asked the Prime Minister about the progress of the trial in the case of the murder of young American Bakary Henderson, which was committed in Zakynthos more than five years ago.

An African American came to Greece on vacation in 2017 and died due to a “fatal” quarrel over … a selfie! Everything would have been within the framework of the usual “everyday life”, but, as it turned out, the Serbs were the killers …

A young American with a friend had fun in a bar in the area of ​​Laganas, on the island of Zakynthos. The young man and his friends decided to take a photo at the bar with a waitress. The restaurant’s bouncer didn’t like it and demanded an explanation from the company about the photo. Word for word, a verbal skirmish began with a 22-year-old American.

In the video available to the police, the young man is seen running away, and the 32-year-old bar employee is chasing him along with one of the employees of the establishment and six Serbs. The American was overtaken and beaten until he lost consciousness. When the victim was taken to a local hospital, he died.

The American side, based on surveillance footage, considered that Bakary Henderson died as a result of a lynching, a crime that goes beyond other and purely racist characteristics.

Only one of the perpetrators was convicted by the court of first instance for the murder of an African American, under the article “causing bodily harm with a fatal outcome.” After the guilty verdict was passed, the prosecutor filed an appeal, arguing that the criminal treatment of the case was incommensurate with the gravity of the crime, and returned the case for a new trial.

The second instance trial has been suspended and is expected to continue at the Court of Appeal of Patras the day after Wednesday the 23rd.

According to the information, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis personally promised the US Vice President to follow the progress of the case and keep him informed.

Interestingly, if the deceased was not an African American, or if Albanians had killed him, would the US Vice President raise this issue with the Prime Minister of Greece? The theme of racism in the person of the BLM apologists smells very bad, turning into anti-Slovyanism.

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