Coronovirus: about new mutations and masks

Matina Pagoni, head of ΕΙΝΑΠ, does not rule out the emergence of a new mutation of the coronavirus, and Nikos Tsanakis, professor of pulmonology at the University of Crete, does not promise a quick parting with masks. Ms Pagoni says:

“The virus will not disappear, it will be here. Other sub-options may appear, no one excludes this, coronaviruses are full of surprises. But from now on they will be manageable. Relevant studies are being carried out, we have drugs and vaccines.”

Commenting on the situation, the professor noted that the main positive development is the decrease in cases of the Delta strain:

“Delta is almost over and that’s the best thing for us. We’re doing well at the moment, now we need to serve non-covid patients.”

Matina Pagoni addressed the unvaccinated citizens of the country, urging skeptics get a vaccination protein preparationwhich comes to Greece. Although she acknowledged that there is a “solid core”, whose representatives in any case will not be vaccinated.

Professor of pulmonology at the University of Crete, Nikos Tsanakis, spoke about the possibility of a new mutation:

“Let’s be careful. I expect another surprise from the virus, a new mutation by the summer, which will hopefully be the last one. However, society now has a weapon to deal with the virus and return to normal life.”

Regarding the masks, the professor said that in the summer, most likely, they would become unnecessary outside, but they would have to be worn indoors for some more time, he says.

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