February 3, 2023

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Bus stops with wi-fi

New bus stops will be equipped with wireless Internet access.

Bus stops in Farsala will soon become a meeting place for citizens, not just commuting, as they will be refurbished with technologically advanced, wireless internet access free of charge for everyone.

The Municipality of Farsala, after receiving the green light from the Ministry of the Interior on its proposal to include the relevant project in the Philodemos program (“Φιλόδημος”), is expected to immediately start implementing a plan to replace the old stops with new ones.

The total budget of the project is 49,972 euros, including VAT, the executive body is the municipality of Farsala, the newspaper writes. in.gr. In total, 14 bus stops will be replaced, and the new ones will be made using modern technologies, are non-volatile and equipped with wireless Internet.

In his statement, the mayor of Farsala, Mr. Makis Eskioglu, emphasized the following: “Inclusion in the Antonis Tricis program of our proposal to replace bus stops is intended to change the look of the existing ones to a more modern and functional one. environmentally friendly, and some of them will also be wirelessly connected to the network, that is, provide citizens with access to the Internet via Wi-Fi.This is another step forward towards a more modern ecological city, the infrastructure of which will be more accessible and functional for its residents and I would like to thank the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr. Stelios Petsas, for approving our proposal and including the region in the development program.”

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