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EU: car sales fell sharply in January

In January 2022 at EU a significant decrease in passenger car registrations was recorded compared to the same month in 2021.

According to, a 6% decline in sales led to a new record low in the EU market in the first month of the year.

In January 2022, EU passenger car registrations continued to decline as chip shortages continue to hurt car sales in the region.

While 2021 set a new record for the lowest January record (in volume terms), this year car registrations fell another 6% to 682,596 units.

Several markets in Central Europe posted gains last month, with Slovakia (+72.6%) and Romania (+55.5%) showing the biggest gains, although sales in Poland fell 10.2%.

In Western Europe, by contrast, almost all countries reported negative results. Looking at the four main automotive markets, double-digit losses were recorded in Italy (-19.7%) and France (-18.6%), while only Germany and Spain recorded stable growth, +8.5%. and +1.0% respectively.

The Volkswagen concern cannot avoid the black streak: brand sales in January 2022 fell by 24% (to 24 thousand vehicles), and for the Škoda brand they collapsed by 36% (3.8 thousand units). However, these brands are criticized on the market for not being tough enough on dealers, who, against the backdrop of a shortage of cars, continue to raise prices by installing additional equipment.

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