July 14, 2024

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Costumed cyclists on the streets of Patras

The inhabitants of Patras, who will not celebrate the carnival with parades this year, are finding other ways to give their lives a festive flavor.

This morning, Patras was filled with colors, smiles from passers-by, magnificent costumes and a procession of cyclists to loud music. The first major outdoor holiday event of the year was a great success, getting the whole city to “live in the rhythm of the carnival,” according to the publication. in.gr.

A large number of cyclists dressed in fancy dress, who decorated their bikes with fantasy, exceeded the most optimistic expectations of the organizers of the fun. In addition, their procession through the streets of the city brought joy and hype, like a loud message of the Patras carnival to the whole city.

The cycling festival was organized by KEDIP-Carnival of Patras in cooperation with the Patras Cycling Club, as part of the implementation of the Patras Carnival-2022 idea. This celebratory event somewhat comforted the townspeople, since the famous Patras carnival has been postponed for the third year in a row.

Alas, this is the last measure of the government, which, as the authorities said, we all need to courageously accept.

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