Unvaccinated people who are re-infected with Covid-19 lose the right to receive a certificate of recovery

Individuals who have re-infected with Covid-19 and have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus will no longer be eligible for a certificate of recovery, Professor Vana Papaevangelou said at Thursday’s weekly briefing.

She emphasizedthat a prerequisite for obtaining a certificate of recovery is now the presence of a specific group of reinfected people with vaccination against coronavirus.

This means that they will no longer have access to indoor restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues, and they will need a negative rapid test to be admitted to public places, shops and banks.

As before, the presence of antibodies is not taken into account in the issuance of exemptions from vaccination.

Professor Wana Papaevangelou reported that the positivity of tests today is 6.4%. 96% of cases relate to the Omicron mutation and 2.2% to the Delta. She added that today the number of patients in Greece is 4,100. The occupancy of the wards with mechanical ventilation is 53% in single rooms and 73% in intensive care units.

On February 17, 19,504 new cases of coronavirus and 93 deaths were recorded. The number of intubated Covid patients in hospitals is 484.

4,305 people have died due to Covid complications from January 1 to February 17, 2022.

Ms. Papaevangelou also said that the committee decided to issue a certificate in case of re-infection, only in a special group of vaccinated citizens who did not have time to take the third dose due to illness.

The Committee of Experts did not give the reason why they made such a highly controversial decision, but according to local media, the reason was a lot of fake medical certificates *

This circumstance will affect many people, mostly young people who have been ill with minimal symptoms, both with the Delta strain and Omicron and do not want to receive the vaccine. However, the authorities are confident that they need to be vaccinated, which is why previous permits were withdrawn. The reasons for this decision can only be guessed at.

Gaga: 2,653 applications for antiviral pills submitted

The pandemic is slowly receding, Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga said during a pandemic briefing, emphasizing the importance of vaccination and safety measures.

Regarding antiviral therapy against covid-19, it was said that 2.653 applications for it have been submitted, 1.957 packages of tablets have already been delivered to patients, 322 have been canceled by the patients themselves, and the delivery of the remaining packages is in progress**.

Ms Gaga said the process is going well and so far there is a positive response to the treatment. He said we would have more details in the coming weeks.

In terms of vaccine shipments, he said we expect Novavax next week and Sanofi at the end of March.

Greece is filming additional restrictions from Saturday 19 February 2022 as the country prepares to open the tourist season.

Why did the easing debate start?

Pediatrics professor Vana Papaevangelou described the course of the pandemic in Greece as stable, stressing that we now average between 17,000 and 18,000 cases every day.

She spoke of the apparent discrepancy between the sharp rates of the pandemic and Omicron infections, stressing that this was the reason for the debate in the Commission, and added that it is a mistake to think that the pandemic is over, since we still have 120,000 active cases in our country.

Professor Papaevangelou added that from now on we will coexist with the virus and we will have to decide how to live with it. “Everyone should take personal responsibility for what they have at home if they are elderly or suffer from a chronic illness,” she said, adding that she hoped there would not be a new variant of the virus that would disrupt the data again.

* Many opponents of vaccination either became infected on their own or received certificates of illness through friends and acquaintances, often not free of charge. Some of the immigrants from the FSU acquired vaccination certificates in their homeland, where this business is on a grand scale and there is no fully functioning control system.

** They are being transported on donkeys.

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