February 3, 2023

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Adonis Georgiadis supported Lidl: "Elderly woman can’t escape judgment"

“I don’t want to blame the company, they followed the relevant law and procedures,” is the verdict of Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis, who commented on the scandalous incident that occurred at the Lidl supermarket, when an old woman was caught stealing and taken to the police.

Perhaps in this way he tried to neutralize the public’s reaction to the controversial situation, and put out the “fire” that broke out in social networks. However, the opposite happened.

Adonis Georgiadis makes no secret of his support for the German supermarket chain Lidl. He does not intend to forgive0-year-old woman, driven to despair and literally hungry, and therefore decided to take such a step.

The minister was quick to say that the problem was solved after his own intervention (this, of course, sounds “proudly”, but it is quite clear that the company itself, having noticed a huge resonance in social networks with the hashtag #cancel_LIDL, when thousands of people called for a boycott of the store, retreated, deciding to withdraw his claims against the elderly woman).

However, in a statement on the channel openwhich highlighted the issue, the minister claims that the supermarket acted legally in detaining the thief.

“I don’t want to blame the company and now is not the time to take a stand against it. The supermarket chain followed the law and procedures. The officials acted exactly as required by the law. Obviously, every case is not the same, but an employee or a store may not have the authority make such a distinction (whom to punish, whom to pardon…) I contacted the company and they agreed that “this should be stopped immediately.” A press release was issued shortly after that,” Georgiadis said.

In fact, according to the publication newsbreak.gr“he has the audacity to speak of a demonstration of humanity at a time when the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has driven the Greeks into economic suffocation and poverty, not caring about the wave of poverty sweeping the country.”

“We all understand the humanitarian side of this issue. We would not want any of us to be in the position of this woman. In this sense, we understood that this is a special case, that we must show our humanity, to put it very simply,” – said the minister.

However, as he explained, despite his intervention, the issue was not resolved, and the 70-year-old woman will stand trial: that someone has committed a theft, according to the law, it automatically starts proceedings.” As he stated, “the only thing that can be done is that when the trial takes place, the company can say:” I do not want to prosecute the accused. “It is impossible to do at the stage we are at today, from a legal point of view .This is done during the trial.”

The minister noted that “the company has stated that it does not want the prosecution to continue. In fact, this case is over.” However, the woman will be taken to court, as “by law, this is the procedure.” “I know that Mr. Theodorikakos also intervened, so perhaps everything will end up on the part of the police,” said Mr. Georgiadis.

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