February 8, 2023

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The death of the British in the teeth of a shark in Australia (video)

Experienced diving coach 35-year-old Briton Simon Nellist was eaten by a shark in Australia.

This is the first human death from shark teeth since 1963. The whole world experienced shock and grief for the young man. Dozens of beaches have been closed by Australian authorities in connection with the horrific incident due to safety concerns.

The cause of death of the diver was the attack of a 4.5-meter shark. One of the eyewitnesses of the tragedy recorded what was happening on a mobile phone, and the footage spread around the Internet.

The publication “Mirror” says that the sea waves were stained with blood from the unequal struggle of a man with a huge shark. Simon died instantly from his injuries, the rescuers who came to the rescue pulled him out already dead, writes newsbreak.gr.

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