Obesity saves from infection with COVID-19

An unusual mechanism to avoid re-infection with coronavirus was discovered by scientists in Israel.

A study by Dr. Karmit Cohen and her colleagues at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel found that an elevated BMI (body mass index) increases the immune response to reinfection, reports ISRAEL21c.

In a large-scale study, scientists found out what is most effective in counteracting coronavirus antibodieswhich were developed during the disease, and a BMI in the obesity range helps to develop a more stable immunity after the disease.

The study involved 130 people who had been ill with coronavirus over the past year, and 402 people who had never had covid but received two Pfizer vaccinations. Scientists have found that a month after vaccination, the number of antibodies exceeds the level of their presence in those who have been ill. However, it is rapidly decreasing. This explains why vaccinated people are already at risk of infection after six months.

Interesting levels of antibodies are observed in people with different BMIs. If it is above 30, that is, the person is obese, there are more antibodies, and they better protect against covid. In the case of a body mass index below 30, in the range from overweight to normal, protection against reinfection with COVID-19 is reduced.

The results of an interesting study will be presented by Dr. Cohen in April 2022, at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. News.

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