March 31, 2023

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Hurricane Ylenia paralyzed railway traffic and closed schools in Germany

On the night of February 17, a powerful hurricane with the beautiful name Ilenia hit Germany. The main blow fell on the northern and western regions of the country.

Schools were canceled in the country, railway traffic was partially paralyzed, reports Deutsche Welle.

The most formidable blow of the elements fell on the northern part of the lands of Hesse, Saxony and the southern part of Brandenburg. Floods occurred in some parts of Germany. The wind speed in some places reached 159 km/h, it knocked down trees and road signs, billboards.

According to the German meteorological service, from the second half of today the hurricane should weaken. However, tomorrow a new aggression of nature promises to fall on Germany – the hurricane cyclone Zeynep, which will bring strong winds and rains.

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