The Murder of a Child in Kipseli: Non-Childish Tales of His Sister

Little Joanna, whose brother’s remains were found in Kipseli, tells the police about the terrible years of her early childhood in the presence of a child psychologist.

The revelations of a child cannot be listened to calmly. What two young children went through – Joanna and her murdered brother – simply does not fit in the mind. Details emerge not only from the girl’s stories, but also from the materials of the case, the interview of witnesses. The police report, according to the girl, says:

Punishments were very frequent. Their mother never stopped her roommate. Most of the time, parents left their children hungry. Sometimes, when they had marks on their body and face from punishment, the brother and sister did not go to school so that no one would see them. The girl also remembers the day when Marios (mother’s roommate) took the pliers from his work tools and squeezed Andreas’s fingers.

Joanna described everything that happened to the police and revealed the horror of their existence: about the torture and abuse that the children received from their mother’s Polish partner, as well as about the complete indifference of their mother Christina-Claudia M… In 2017, when Andreas was killed, the girl was eight years old . The boy’s body was hidden in Kipseli for five years – first in a concrete pit, and then in a toolbox of a Polish killer. With the full consent and assistance of the mother of the child.

Such a short life of a boy cannot be called happy. He constantly endured the bullying of a 33-year-old partner of his mother, an alcoholic and drug addict, until one day everyone ended in tragedy. Later, the man admitted during interrogation that on that fateful day he once again punished the little son of his cohabitant, depriving him of food and forcing him to stand in one place for several hours. In response to the boy’s protests, he wrapped the nose and mouth of the child with electrical tape, as a result of which he died as a martyr from suffocation.

A toolbox with terrifying contents was discovered in an old wooden sofa on the balcony. The mother of the deceased child, like her partner, is arrested, but her behavior is shocking. Denying all the accusations, the woman does not cooperate with the investigation, does not apologize, and even outwardly remains absolutely impassive.

Fortunately, the girl escaped further nightmare and has been living with foster parents for many years. Boy, unfortunately failed to save.

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