The defense agreement between Greece and the Emirates has been violated

The fact that Erdogan threatened Greece with the “island issue” immediately after his visit to the United Arab Emirates is indicative of the diplomatic collapse that Hellas is facing, according to an editorial.

So, it seems that the agreements signed by the Turkish president with the Arab sheikh were somewhat more than 13. With the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the “sultan” signed 13 bilateral open agreements and one more … On the non-interference of the Emirates in the event of a Greek-Turkish conflict. agreement that violates defense cooperation agreementwhich this country concluded with Greece in 2021.

Those who are familiar with diplomacy understand that Erdogan’s decision raise the level of threats against Greece immediately after his visit to Abu Dhabi testifies to the sign of “loyalty” that he received from the prince, which, of course, directly contradicts the agreement between the Emirates and Greece.

Before rushing to deal with the sheikh, we must consider what has happened recently with other, much larger and more binding unions in which Greece participates.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg denies any involvement of the alliance in countering the Turkish threat to Greece. Simply put, Greece is participating in an alliance that does not guarantee its borders, even when there is a direct threat, such as a Turkish invasion of the Greek islands. Thus, Greece is the only country that participates in an alliance agreement only to “offer” without receiving the most basic – protection.

EU is in a hurry to impose sanctions against Russia, Belarus and protect Ukraine from an ephemeral, as it turns out, threat, until this country joins the EU or NATO! At the same time, however, both Greece and Cyprus, which are members of the European Union, and in fact its solid core, the eurozone, do not have any protection from Turkey! From a country that directly threatens Greece and therefore European sovereignty, and has not yet been sanctioned, because “this is different”?

So when your traditional allies don’t support you, don’t expect ephemeral allies like the Emirates to support you. If Greece does not change course and demand that its partners fulfill their obligations arising from our membership in both the EU and NATO, we will consider tragedy inevitable.

From the editors of R.A. I wanted to ask: what about the fact that they will fly to Greece for NATO exercises? Turkish fighters, probably from those parts that violated Greek airspace, no one cares anymore? Look here, don’t look there, but here we wrapped a herring …

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