Still “there is time to correct the mistake and extinguish the people’s anger”

The believers of Thessaloniki are outraged by the actions of the hierarch, who forbade an unvaccinated priest to serve.

They warned the metropolitan that he still had time to correct this mistake, to prevent the wrath of heaven and to extinguish the popular indignation.

The wrathful indignation of the parishioners was caused by the release from priestly duties of Archimandrite Gabriel from the parish of St. Irene Chrysovalantou, in the municipality of Nea Efkarpia in Thessaloniki. The priest turned out to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The believers wrote an open letter to the Metropolitan of Naples and Stavrupol of the Hellenic Orthodox Church Barnabas, who removed the unvaccinated priest from the ministry. The text of the message, which contains a number of questions about the “persecution”, is published in

“Did Father Gabriel not observe the canons of the Church? Spoke heretical speeches? Decided that heretic papists and Protestants have sacraments? Did he pray with Muslims? Did he forbid entering the holy temple for the sake of the “pandemic”? Does he believe in the contagiousness of the virus emanating from holy images, holy relics, from the Holy Chalice, thereby offending the Son of God?

Believers wonder if the bishop practices “this blessed pedagogy for all or any of the above transgressions?”:

“If yes, then you are fine. If not, then you are dangerously stumbled. Your Eminence, beware. Beware, for you stumble on a serious sin. We saw you several years ago near the Ecumenical Patriarch. Turning your palms to the sky – in the form of a prayer – you testified to your obedience to the heretic primate.

The laity note in their letter that the metropolitan is not worried or alarmed by the “anger of the people”, who reacted violently last year to a temple sermon in a mask:

“Do you follow the souls of your flock when you leave them without a spiritual leader, moreover unjustifiably and uncanonically? Are you vigilant when you become pan-religious by engaging in corporate prayer? When will you replace the preaching of the Gospel with the preaching of vaccines and masks?”.

In their address, the believers stressed that the Metropolitan “has time to correct the mistake and extinguish the people’s anger. This is how you prevent the wrath of heaven,” writes life expectancy.

Previously, our publication wrote about angry speech of believers in Thessaloniki in support of the suspended priest Father Gabriel. A huge number of believers gathered on the evening of February 11 in Nea Eucarpia (Νέα Ευκαρπία) in Thessaloniki, near the church of St. Irene Chrysovalantou, protesting against the dismissal of the priest Gabriel Sidiropoulos. He was dismissed and even deprived of the priesthood by Metropolitan Barnabas of Naples and Stavropol.

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