Police officer suspected of killing gypsy caught stealing

The policeman is one of two suspects arrested and taken to prosecutors on Tuesday in connection with the death of a 44-year-old gypsy in the western Athens suburb of Menidi.

According to media reports, Roma was attacked and beaten last Sunday afternoon and died in a vacant lot near Ipeon Street in the capital suburb of Menidi. He was found by local residents who called an ambulance and the police. A Greek police statement confirmed that the 44-year-old man’s body showed extensive injuries consistent with beatings.

Two suspects were arrested the next day. While no details about the policeman have been released, the second suspect, as reported, is a 67-year-old man. The victim had a criminal record for several minor offences.

Media citing witnesses reportthat 3 to 5 people took part in the attack on the gypsy after he was caught when he tried to rob the house.

The coroner is expected to determine whether Gypsy’s death was caused by his injuries or was the result of some other serious health problem. TV channels reported that the police are looking for at least one more suspect.

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When the arrested policeman and his 67-year-old “accomplice” were taken to the prosecutor to testify, they were attacked by the relatives of the deceased. They beat them, and the mother of the deceased threw a bottle at them. At the same time, the “support group” from among the Roma actively insulted the two accused and stated that “they will hurt them.”

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