September 30, 2023

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I can’t bear to get married

Greece recorded an impressive increase in the number of cohabitation agreements amid a decline in the number of marriages.

According to data released by the Hellenic Statistical Office, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the number of cohabitation agreements rose while the number of religious marriages fell. The latter showed an impressive drop of 50%, while cohabitation agreements, on the contrary, were successful and popular.

Also recorded a large number of dissolution of civil marriages. According to data published ELSTAT, the number of religious weddings in 2020 dropped sharply by 48.7% compared to 2019. There were 11,935 religious ceremonies (in churches).

Civil marriages (city hall painting) outperformed religious marriages, reaching 19,540, despite an 18.1% decline from 2019.
In contrast, cohabitation agreements recorded a 13.4% increase, as 8986 were signed in 2020. Of these, 8750 were signed by heterosexual couples, and the rest by homosexuals, while the number of cohabitation agreements between men decreased by 13 .6%.

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