Ukraine: the Greeks were the first victims of the war, which has not yet begun

According to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, two ethnic Greeks were killed, and two more are in serious condition in a Ukrainian hospital.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece declared about the need to protect the Greek community in Ukraine after the death of two ethnic Greeks and the injury of two more in the village of Granite, Volnovakha district, Donetsk region. According to the ministry, published Today, on Monday, the murder was committed by the Ukrainian military.

The ministry issued a statement in connection with the incident that occurred on the night of February 13 on Monday, February 14:

We express our deepest sorrow at the sudden death of two expatriates and the severe injury of two others in the village of Granitne, which is located near the contact line in eastern Ukraine. We also express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and wish a speedy recovery to the injured.

According to reports, the perpetrators of the double murder are three members of the Ukrainian army who came into conflict with expatriates over a minor issue. Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias requested a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba to reiterate the need to protect the Greek community in Ukraine.

The day before, the police of the Donetsk region said that they had detained two men because of the shooting in Granitnoye. The incident occurred on February 13 at about 00:45 am on the territory of the cafe. The police received a message that as a result of a conflict between visitors, unknown persons began to shoot from weapons. On a call, fighters of the KORD special unit, an investigative task force of the Volnovakha police and an ambulance arrived.

The police detained two men. Material evidence, including weapons, was confiscated from them. On the fact of the incident, criminal proceedings have been launched under the articles: premeditated murder of two or more persons for hooligan motives, attempted murder, hooliganism.

It is known that one of the victims served in the National Guard, the second was a civilian. The locality where the murder took place is in Ukrainian-controlled territory, 62 km from Mariupol, which has a large Greek community. Investigative actions are carried out under the leadership of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for the Military and Defense Spheres of the Joint Forces.

Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges recommends compatriots who have not yet left Ukraine should immediately report their contact details to the Greek Embassy in Kiev. The staff of the Kiev embassy has been reduced to the required minimum, but the staff of the Consulate General of Mariupol will be strengthened, as the Greek authorities are seriously afraid of the outbreak of war between Ukraine and Russia and, in this regard, suggest the evacuation of the Greeks.

The comments of the Greeks under the video are also noteworthy:

Nikos Mikhailidis
Of course, they argued the situation. Ours would have supported the Russians. Otherwise, the Foreign Ministry would not have made such a statement before it was made public.

Dinos Slk
Let’s see how Greece reacts to this.

Greek Freak007
It’s a pity…??

Russia must occupy Kiev. Ukraine received a lot of weapons from America

Nikolas Ndobo
Go to Russia … Ukrainians have suffered hysteria and panic … we personally support Russia

This is a provocation to start a war.

Marianne N
Well, it’s just a provocation, that’s all.

Nikos Per
Why don’t you say that 2 Greeks were warriors? What are our soldiers doing there?

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