Recipe for cheese soup with meatballs

The online edition “Russian Athens” continues to publish recipes from Irina Fedotova. A very interesting meatball soup recipe that deserves your attention.

By adding just two processed cheeses, the usual soup with meatballs acquires an unusually pleasant creamy taste.


processed cheese – 2 pieces (I have “Amber”) minced meat – 350 grams (I have beef + pork) potatoes – 3-4 pieces salt, pepper olive oil -1 tbsp. spoon 1 egg onion – 1 head 1 carrot (for frying) onion – 1 head (for frying) vegetable oil


Peel the potatoes, cut into small cubes and put in salted water, put on fire.

While the potatoes are cooking, let’s do the stuffing.

Minced meat can be any, add salt, pepper, chopped onion and a little olive oil, an egg to it, knead and form small meatballs.

We put the meatballs in the soup and continue to cook, removing the foam.

At the same time, we prepare the frying: chop the onion and grate the carrots. Fry in a small amount of vegetable oil.

Grind two processed cheeses.

Add zazharka and cheese to the soup, cook a little and add rice. Cook until rice is tender, about 10 minutes.

Pour into bowls and sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and dill (optional).

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