Poll of the inhabitants of Athens: will there be a war between Ukraine and Russia (video)

Russian Athens conducted its own poll on whether there will be a war between Russia and Ukraine, in the center of Athens. The result can be seen on the video posted on our YouTube channel.


Will there be a war between Ukraine and Russia? Do you believe that there will be a war? If this is propaganda, who creates it?

We used subtitles to translate the answers (except for one respondent who answered us in Russian).

The shooting was carried out on one frame (except for 1 break due to an unexpected phone call).

Many people refused to answer questions, and in general there was a feeling that the inhabitants of Greece were not particularly interested in the problems of foreign countries, there were clearly enough of their own.

The purpose of the survey was not to ask in detail about the reasons or to do analytics, the main intended answer format is “yes” or “no”.

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