Greece will pay a fine of 127 million euros due to poor plastic recycling

This year, Greece will have to pay the European Union about 127 million euros for poor plastic recycling rates.

The fine will be withdrawn from the Greek budget and sent to increase plastic recycling in EU. According to a study on the role of plastic in the circular economy in Greece, prepared by think tank IOBE on behalf of the Hellenic Plastics Industry Association (SVPE), around 43,000 tons of plastic packaging are buried and not recycled every year.

Like us wrote earlier, according to a journalistic investigation, companies that collect garbage in the so-called. blue recycling bins (garbage mafia), receiving money from municipal budgets for this, most often take it to ordinary garbage dumps.

According to Eurostat, in 2016 the amount of recycled waste in Greece was only 17% from total volume. These are official figures(!), which are taken from data provided by municipalities and waste management companies, who have every reason to hide this information. In practice, this figure is even lower – many environmental movements in Greece complain about this.

Over the past years, the situation has not changed for the better, and as a result we have this fine…

PS We still do not know where the so-called. environmental fee for plastic bags in supermarketsplastic tubules for drinks, plastic glasses and even notorious lids for coffee, which, by the way, is millions of euros. It is quite possible that this will once again become clear when the country (and therefore we, as taxpayers) pay a fine for environmental violations.

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