Insurance companies have notified the termination of insurance of liners, but the sky over Ukraine remains open

Due to the risk of hostilities, insurance companies have warned Ukraine about the termination of aircraft insurance and demand that the aircraft be returned to the EU quickly.

The CEO of the Ukrainian SKYUP, in particular, announced the cessation of ticket sales for flights from 14 to 16 February. However, the president’s office is not going to close the airspace, at least it was announced today. In Ukraine, negotiations are underway on an “air blockade” at the level of the National Security and Defense Council and ministries.

The Ministry of Infrastructure made a corresponding statement regarding the closure of Ukrainian airspace – they do not plan to suspend flights. But they admitted that there are problems with insurance companies. On this occasion, a meeting was held today with the participation of the leadership of the President’s Office, UkSATSE, Boryspil Airport and Ukrainian airlines. The announcement from the Ministry of Infrastructure states:

“The information about the closure of Ukrainian airspace is not true. The closure of airspace is the sovereign right of Ukraine, no decision has been made.”

The Ministry of Infrastructure also clarified that, as a result of the meeting, a solution was worked out to prevent further aggravation of the situation. And they acknowledged the existence of a problem with insurance companies, due to which some aircraft owners order companies that use them on lease not to enter Ukrainian airspace. Alexander Kubrakov, Minister of Infrastructure, stated:

“Insurance services markets, as well as capital markets, are vulnerable to the information field. We expect that the situation will stabilize in the near future. For this, the government, the president’s office and our international partners are developing common solutions. If necessary, the state will ensure the return of all citizens of Ukraine from -abroad”.

At present, as reported RIA News, mass cancellations of flights are not observed. As evidenced by the online scoreboard of the airports of Boryspil, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, Lviv and Dnipro, flights are operated on schedule. However, a little earlier, a plane with tail number UR-SQO, which flew from Madeira to Kiev, was forced to land in the capital of Moldova due to the requirements of the owner.

The topic of “Putin’s invasion” can significantly hit the Ukrainian aviation market in the very next few days. According to ANP6 agency, KLM airline stops flights to Ukraine. And this, apparently, is only the first bell. Already on Monday, according to the source of the publication Country.uaa pool of major international insurance companies is preparing to announce that they will not cover insured events of airlines when flying over Ukraine.

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