Weekend weather – Sakis Arnautoglu promises a “surprise” in Attica

In the coming days, weather changes are coming almost throughout Greece, meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu predicts.

The temperature will drop slightly, while the clouds on Saturday, February 12, will cover almost the entire country. Local rains are possible from noon, and precipitation is expected in Attica in the evening and by Sunday dawn.

On Sunday morning, it will rain in some areas, but soon, by noon, they will be replaced by the sun, dispersing the annoying clouds. However, from Monday (14.02) to Wednesday (16.02) rains are expected again, mainly in the west and on the islands of the Ionian archipelago (Corfu). Learn more about the weather on Saturday.

Local rains are expected in the afternoon of Saturday, and the northeast wind will prevail in the northern part of the Aegean. Light frosts are expected in the north and in the central part of the continent in the morning and evening. Fog at night and especially in the early morning.

Temperature: in Western Macedonia from -6°С to 11°С, in the rest of Northern Greece from -3°С to 15°С, in Epirus and Thessaly from -2°С to 16°С, in the rest of the mainland from 0 to 18°С, in the Ionian Islands from 2°С to 16°С, in the insular parts of the Aegean Sea and in Crete from 4°С to 17°С.

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