July 14, 2024

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TikTok: dancing on the hood of a police car

The authorities of Lamia are once again “concerned”: rollicking Roma dances have appeared on TikTok. And everything would be fine, but the merry fellows are posing on the hood of a police car of the road service.

According to LamiaReport, the incident occurred last Thursday afternoon, on Sklivanioti Street, opposite the building OTE. Literally for a few minutes, the patrol service left the car to fix the accident on Eleftherias Square.

Roma hurried to take advantage of the moment, climbing onto the hood and dancing famously on the phone’s camera. And of course, in search of popularity, they hurried to post the video on social networks. The video attracted the attention of law enforcement officers, who identified the merry fellows and began to search for them. All of them are well known to local law enforcement officers.

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