Greeks are going to space, 27 are already in the second stage of selection

The European Space Agency is conducting a phased selection of astronauts. From Greece, 27 people were selected to participate in the second stage – 2 women and 22 men.

They are among 1,361 candidates (831 men and 530 women) who have been approved in the European Space Agency’s astronaut selection process for further participation, so far in the second stage. A total of 22,523 candidates applied, including 281 Greeks – 221 men and 60 women.

The priority of the next stage will be the passage of psychological tests. The selection process also approved 27 candidates with disabilities. After passing to the third stage, candidates will be interviewed and undergo medical tests. The composition of the new “class” of ESA astronauts and reservists is planned to be announced in the fall of 2022. The European Space Agency stressed that it is seeking to expand its crew to 26 permanent and reserve astronauts, increasing the number of women as well as professionals with disabilities. ESA Director General Jan Werner says:

“We aim for the Moon and Mars. We need great astronauts for the future. To go further than ever before, we must think bigger than before.”

Selection for the ESA, European Space Agency team is carried out exclusively on the basis of open competitions. For all the time, 4 sets were carried out, and the detachment consisted of 28 astronauts. The first of these took place in 1977, the selection process took place in the United States. Starting from the second, all the checks of the candidates took place in Europe.

Most of the candidates in the latest round come from France (404), Germany (194), the UK (166) and Italy (159). In addition to the standard requirements regarding age, education, work experience, medical and psychological requirements, there are other requirements for applicants: mandatory knowledge in the field of chemistry and physics, biology and physiology, as well as the ability to conduct research and the presence of operator qualities, writes

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