Zhirinovsky stopped recognizing his relatives?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is in the Moscow Central Clinical Hospital, where he was taken due to complications caused by a coronavirus infection. Many news agencies writethat the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party stopped recognizing relatives and friends.

What is really going on with the famous Russian politician?

Some sources claim that Vladimir Volfovich is in good condition and even works in a hospital ward. Others say that the situation is critical and the politician is on a ventilator. What is really happening with Vladimir Volfovich?

“No one is allowed into Vladimir Volfovich’s room,” writes Correspondent of the channel “Russia 1″ Ivan Ber. “Doctors and his close circle are with him. Zhirinovsky was admitted to the hospital on February 2 with extensive lung damage. His condition was critical. According to the latest information, Vladimir Volfovich is not in critical condition, he was disconnected from the ventilator. Now the doctors are trying to do everything possible in order to make politics as good as possible,” the journalist said.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky hid for two weeks that he had contracted the coronavirus. He didn’t show up for work. The LDPR employees were explained that the chief, for the purpose of prevention, decided to go into home quarantine and work remotely. The fact that Zhirinovsky had coronavirus was known to a narrow circle of people – personal guards, assistants and the head of the apparatus.

Previously sourced from Znak.com toldthat the LDPR leader was disconnected from the nasal cannula and connected to a ventilator. According to him, the day before the politician could still breathe on his own, but on February 10 it became difficult for him.

URA.RU declaresthat “Vladimir Zhirinovsky does not recognize his comrades-in-arms, relatives and doctors. His condition remains serious, and doctors do not give any forecasts about further developments.” Over time, the politician start progression of respiratory failure. Doctors noted a negative trend, but Zhirinovsky began to resist treatment and asked to be allowed to do work.

TV agency 360 supported the version that Zhirinovsky stopped recognizing relatives and friends.

Prior to this, a URA.RU source said that Zhirinovsky could have become infected with an “omicron” strain of coronavirus. At the same time, the politician was vaccinated against the coronavirus eight times.

In the press service of the Liberal Democratic Party declaredthat their leader is on the mend, and his health is improving. “In recent days, everyone has been discussing the health of Vladimir Volfovich. Information from “sources” is greatly exaggerated for the sake of sensational effect. The LDPR chairman reads the press every day, works with documents, and gives instructions by phone. He will soon return to full-time work – we expect this to happen in the near future, ”the message says.

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