February 3, 2023

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Young man in Kallithea found dead with a bullet wound to the head

On Thursday evening, a 33-year-old man was found dead in his mezzanine apartment in Kallithea. He received a fatal bullet wound to the head.

The bullet was fired from a .38 caliber revolver and hit the right side of the back of the head. The weapon was found next to the deceased, but on the left side. The police are convinced that the revolver was moved after the death of the man. In addition to this revolver, during the search, three more were found, with a serial number.

From the very morning of Thursday, the deceased was looking for his mother. At about 4 o’clock she came to his house, but she could not open the front door of the apartment. Leaving the building, the woman asked a friendly person to enter the apartment. With the help of a metal ladder, he climbed to the window of the apartment, broke it and got inside. The murdered young man was in the bedroom on the bed.

The police were not notified immediately, a lot of time passed. However, after being called to the scene of the incident, police officers from the Kallithea security service, the sub-directorate for crimes against life and combating terrorism, immediately arrived.

A preliminary investigation is being conducted by the district security service. Experts are studying all possible versions. The man’s financial situation and some of the data already obtained deny the attempt to commit suicide, as reported in exclusive material newsbreak.gr.

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