February 3, 2023

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Metropolitan of Mityle dismissed an unvaccinated priest

The Metropolitan of Mytilene, Mr. Jacob, removed from his religious duties, without deprivation of salary, an unvaccinated priest who served in a cemetery church in the city of Mytilene.

This is the first time Metropolitan Iakovos of Lesbos is implementing his decision since in November 2021 he demanded that his priests be vaccinated or they would be suspended from service. Vima Orthodoxy.

By his decision, the Metropolitan of Mityle ordered the priest to return to his small homeland, which is located in a village a few kilometers from the city of Mitylene. However, since the priest has many children, according to ERT Aegean, the metropolitan decided not to deprive the priest of his salary and again urged him to be vaccinated in order to return to his duties.

As part of putting pressure on unvaccinated priests to vaccinate them on Saturday, according to the same information, all priests in the Diocese of Mytilene were ordered to present vaccination certificates. Of the 80 priests on the island, 30 are not vaccinated.

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