Melina Travlos is the first woman to head the Hellenic Union of Shipowners

Melina Travlos, chairman of shipping and management company Neptune Lines, was elected as the new head of the Greek Shipowners’ Union (UGS) on Thursday. She is the first woman to lead the union in 100 years of its founding.

Travlos became the first woman to be elected president of the UGS since the union’s founding in 1916, and will serve a three-year term.

She replaced the shipowner Theodoros Veniamis in this post.

Neptune Lines was founded by her father Nikos Travlos in 1975 and specializes in car transportation.

A fleet of 18 ships transports over 1 million vehicles a year to 20 countries and 30 Mediterranean ports.

The new UGS Board of Directors for the next three years will include the following members:

President Melina N. Travlos, Vice Presidents Michael D. Chandris, Antonios-Thomas N. Lemos, Secretaries Dimitrios J. Fafalios and Nikolaos T. Veniamis, Treasurer John A. Xilas, Deputy Treasurer Konstantinos I. Karrousis. Board Members Maria I. Angelicoussis, George C. Angelopoulos, Konstantinos V. Constantakopoulos, John G. Koumantharos, John D. Koustas, John P. Dragnis, George C. Economou, Philippos A. Efstatiou, Maria A. Fragkista, Frangiskos K. Kanellakis, George C. Karageorgiou, Stefanos D. Lekanides, George S. Livanos, John C. Liras, Evangelos M. Marinakis, Nikolaos C. Martinos, Markos A. Nomikos, Semiramis S. Paliou, Vassileos A. Papagiannopoulos, Alexandros P. Pappas, Joanna G. Prokopiou, Dimitri Frank D. Sarakakis, and Georgios D. Yourukos.

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