Advice from the Minister of Energy: Turn off the water heater and lights

Blockbuster authors about amazing quality of life in Greece and”Poor families don’t have cars, they eat beans and peas”, presented the people of Greece with a new meme: “Turn off the light and heat the water, because this will affect your wallet.”

It took Greek Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas almost six months sharp rise in electricity pricesto come up with this ingenious proposal for the Greeks who are puzzled by their electricity bills and don’t know if they will have to sit in the dark and cold if they can’t pay their electricity bills.

Speaking at TV channel Ant1 Friday morning, Minister Skrekas said to a desperate public:

“Efforts should be aimed at saving electricity. Forget about the water heater, do not turn on the light. All this will eventually reflect on your wallet.”

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Referring to government support for households and businesses, Skrekas cited his own electricity bill as an example. “For the same 4-month consumption, I paid 280 euros last year. This year I paid 340 euros, and if there were no subsidies, it would have been 410-420 euros.”

He did not mention if he has a solar-powered boiler, how often he turns on the water heater, or what his salary is.

Instead, he pointed out that over the past few days there has been a slight de-escalation in electricity prices and an even larger de-escalation in gas prices.

He said that the reduction of electricity by 30%, but the price of natural gas is four times more expensive than last year.

The immediate comment came from the main opposition part, the left SYRIZA, who said in a statement that when Skrekas speaks, he is either lying or provoking the citizens.”

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“At the end of September, he claimed that the increase in electricity bills would be 2-3 euros, but the bills increased by three to four times. However, today he managed to arouse public outrage. Instead of support measures, he suggested that the townspeople do not forget about the water heater and electricity.”

SYRIZA described the minister’s advice as “a vulgar underestimation of the intellect of the citizens, testifying to the degree of moral decline of the Mitsotaki government,” which is hard to disagree with, given the latest statements by members of the New Democracy government.

The SYRIZA deputies demanded an intervention in the electricity pricing policy and a reduction in the Special Fees for fuel and natural gas, but again to no avail…

PS We all understand that the ND has gathered under its wing the local elite, which is very far from the life of its people. But let us give you gentlemen one little piece of advice: do not allow your officials to open their mouths until what they want to say is checked by the appropriate people. Otherwise, by the next election, you will be hated so much that you will have to flee the country.

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