USA: 97% of young children have traces of nicotine on their hands

The shocking results of a study by American scientists: why do children have traces of nicotine on their hands?

Even in children living in non-smoking families, scientists in the study found traces of nicotine on the skin of their hands. It’s no secret that babies tend to “feel” everything and then touch their face or mouth. Therefore, the discovered nicotine caused serious concern for researchers, because children are especially vulnerable to it. But how does it get on the skin of children if no one smokes in the house? There may be several reasons, scientists explain.

The scientific experiment was conducted by researchers from San Diego State University and the University of Cincinnati. Its results are published in the medical journal JAMA Network open (USA). The study analyzed data on 504 children under 11 years of age. 97%(!) of them had traces of nicotine on their hands, while 95% lived in non-smoking families. The authors of the study note that more noticeable traces of nicotine were found in children from low-income families, compared with toddlers from high-income families.

The effects of nicotine, the scientists explain, may be due to smokers who come into the house or to the contact of children with any objects outside the home on which nicotine donated. It can be tables, carpets, clothes and so on. Thus, babies become a kind of “passive” smokers, bringing into the mouth and onto the skin the remnants of cigarette chemicals remaining on surfaces.

The researchers once again urged to protect children from passive smoking – indoors, cars and in all other possible places.

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