The topic of migrants is a priority for 6 out of 10 Greeks

According to the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project, Greeks are the first in Europe to consider reducing immigration a “high priority”.

Most Western countries are in agreement on this issue, according to the poll, although some states appear to be more divided than others.

In particular, the data show that Greeks are at the top of the list of Europeans willing to prioritize reducing immigration, at 58%. The French are in second place with 44% and the Swedes are in third with 43%. They are followed by Hungarians and Italians with 42%.

In addition, about a third of Britons (32%) believe that reducing immigration should be a high priority for the UK, and 23% consider it to be of medium importance. On the other hand, 20% say that this issue should remain among the country’s priorities, and 17% say that it should not even be a goal.

Greeks call to fight racism

In addition, the Greeks were in first place among the peoples who consider opposition to racism a high national priority. In second place are the Spaniards with 58% and the British with 55%.

The United States is in third place on the list. While 43% of Americans consider tackling racism a top priority, 18% consider it a secondary priority or don’t even think it should be their country’s goal.

High priority and protection

Countries to the east were among those who consider strengthening their military more important, according to a poll last summer, with the Greeks again at the top (29%).

Americans are in second place with 22% and Poles are in third place with 20%.

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