Italy: anti-vaxxer parents risk the life of their 2-year-old son

Unbelievable but true: in Italy, parents refuse an emergency operation for their two-year-old son, fearing a blood transfusion from a donor vaccinated against Covid.

The baby needs an emergency operation due to a serious heart defect, but parents demand guarantees from doctors that the blood transfused to the child will be from an unvaccinated one. The incident occurred in northern Italy, in the city of Modena. The specialists of the Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna are ready for surgery, but this requires the consent of the parents, which they do not give.

The resistance of parents is caused not only by fears that vaccines allegedly contain dangerous substances or particles of dead embryos (oh, this Internet!), but also by religious obstacles. Mom and dad, ignoring the catastrophically running out of time, entered into a fierce fight with the hospital.

They are trying to prove that many unvaccinated donors are ready to answer their call for help. Indeed, 40 people are already ready to donate blood, but, alas, not a single donor came up due to incompatibility with the baby’s blood.

And the time allotted to save the little patient is inexorably reduced. The dispute between the hospital and the family has taken on a legal dimension and will be decided by the court. In the meantime, the juvenile prosecutor’s office is already considering the possibility of limiting parental rights for mom and dad.

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