ATO veteran, arrested in September 2021, released in Athens

Alexander Radkevich, a veteran of the ATO, was arrested in Athens at the request of Lithuania in September last year. The Court of Appeal decided to release him.

The honorary consul of Ukraine in Greece, lawyer Dimitrios Dimitriadis, who dealt with the case of Radkevich, announced the decision of the court, informs “European Truth”. He specified that the Ukrainian would be released in the very near future.

Last September Alexander Radkevich was detained at the border with Greece when he came to rest. The initiator of his detention was Lithuania, where he was held in the “case of January 13”, regarding the storming of the Vilnius TV tower in 1991. Then the Soviet leadership tried to return Lithuania to the Soviet Union, using forceful methods. 14 Lithuanians were killed in the clashes.

Radkevich was a tank driver-mechanic in the 1990s. For participation in the military attack, the Lithuanian court sentenced him to 4 years in prison (in absentia). He was accused of “providing the airborne units the opportunity to get into the building, maneuvering dangerously on the territory of the building, frightening people.”

For the arrest of Radkevich, Lithuania issued an international warrant. She appealed to Greece with a request to extradite him to serve his sentence. Meanwhile, Alexander actively worked with the investigation, giving evidence. He did not know about the verdict, appeals and cassations – the Lithuanian lawyer could not notify him of this. Recognizing this, Lithuania is ready to reconsider the case against Radkevich so that in the course of the new process he would be able to defend himself in full.

In the case on January 13, 67 people were found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment. However, most of them – in absentia, as Belarus and Russia refused to extradite them.

Oleksandr Radkevich is a participant in the anti-terrorist operation in Donbass. According to human rights activist Olga Reshetilova, coordinator at the context media initiative for human rights in Ukraine, the ex-combatant in the Donbass was convicted in absentia only because he was involved in the military operation of the Soviet Union in Lithuania at that time.

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