March 26, 2023

Athens News

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The body of a baby was found in a dump near the cemetery in Thessaloniki

The body of a newborn boy was found in the rubble of the Thermi cemetery in Thessaloniki. A local employee made a terrible discovery at 8 o’clock in the morning. The shocked man immediately contacted the Greek police.

The man said the baby’s body was stiff, suggesting it may have been left there days ago, local media reported.

According to state broadcaster ERT, an umbilical cord was wrapped around the 30-centimeter body.

There are indications that the baby was born prematurely.

The body was taken to the city’s forensic service, an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, to determine whether the baby was born dead or his death came later.

In order to establish the identity and whereabouts of the mother, the police launched an investigation.

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