Committee of Experts refuses to recommend easing of measures to the government

At today’s meeting of experts, it was decided to extend the current anti-coronavirus measures in Greece. With one exception.

Daily epidemiological reports worry the government and the committee of experts – the number of deaths and intubations is not decreasing, and the number of new cases is expressed in five figures. Therefore, it was decided to postpone relaxation until a later date and sacrifice the carnivals to Easter.

Experts suggest not to organize carnival events, to leave the allowed capacity of stadiums at the current level of 10% (maximum 1000 people) and not to allow standing in the restaurant. The only innovation is the increase in the number of people sitting at one table from 6 to 8 people. Earlier, Professor Demosthenes Sarigiannis called the situation with the coronavirus “fragile” and called for the abandonment of carnivals in favor of a normal Easter:

“The rate of third-dose vaccinations, combined with the percentage of the population that loses immunity due to having only two doses of the vaccine for a long time, makes the situation fragile.”

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