February 3, 2023

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A permanent waste sorting station is being built in Eleonas

The municipal authorities of Athens have begun work on the creation of the first permanent waste storage and sorting station in the Eleonas area. This is a major infrastructure project for the collection and management of household waste, which will protect the cleanliness of the city.

A state-of-the-art “transfer point”, a waste bin (Σταθμού Μεταφόρτωσης Απορριμμάτων, ΣΜΑ), which will be completed within the next 12 months, aims to recoup the already huge investments made by the municipal authorities in modern garbage trucks, sweepers, vacuum cleaners and dumpsters, which will soon replaced by ecological ones.

At the same time, ΣΜΑ will complement a new cleanliness model adapted to the ever-increasing needs of metropolitan Athens, based on the philosophy of “clean city, every day and every hour” to reduce the ecological footprint of waste and save resources for the benefit of citizens.


Along with reducing the operating costs of the municipality’s cleaning service, the creation of ΣΜΑ will significantly accelerate the pace of garbage removal from the city center and surroundings, as it will increase the efficiency of the garbage truck fleet, reduce the traffic load on the streets (fewer routes) and reduce the burden on the environment (reduction of gas emissions). At the same time, due to compaction, the volume of waste will be halved – an advantage that will help save space in the landfill.

At the ΣΜΑ site, three automatic four-position container switching units with a capacity per day will be built:

Pressing and handling 400-600 tons of mixed waste. Grinding and handling of 50 tons of bulky waste. Grinding and handling of 35 tons of “green” (food and plant) waste.

Parking spaces for containers and other vehicles will be created on the same territory, which will serve the needs of the ΣΜΑ waste transfer facility.

The station will have a complete electronic system for monitoring the waste entering the site, and compliance with the environmental conditions of the entire project will be monitored through the same system.

The project budget is 13,766,226 euros and is funded exclusively by European resources (NSRF). The waste transfer station will be located on an area of ​​19,500 sq.m.

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