The death of Alkis in Thessaloniki is just the tip of the iceberg of violence

Another lawsuit filed with the police over the violence of the fans – the victim was beaten with bats and wounded in the stomach.

A man from Chalkis wrote a complaint to the police about being beaten by fans. The incident took place on January 31, but he turned himself in only on February 4 – the criminals threatened him and his family in case of disclosure.

The attack occurred when the 29-year-old victim was with his partner in a parked car in the Kanitos area. A group of three people in hoods, shouting fan slogans and insults about the team for which the young man was rooting, began to beat him with bats. A wound was inflicted on the stomach with a sharp object, according to EviaTop.

The beaten man went to the hospital for help, but did not report the attack on him, worrying about his family. A few days later, he nevertheless filed an application with the law enforcement agencies of Chalkis.

Another victim of the fans only 14 years old. Miraculously, he survived. The incident took place at 9 pm on a Saturday evening in Thessaloniki a week ago. Brothers 14 and 15 years old walked on the beach near the location of the hotel “Macedonia Palace”. Seeing a group of about ten guys heading towards them, the guys preferred to run away, sensing danger. However, only the elder was lucky, the younger did not have time. Aggressive young people asked which football team the teenager supported, and after answering, they attacked him. The beating resulted in numerous bruises and bruises all over the body and on the head, as well as, as doctors later discovered, a liver injury.

Behind bars finally ruthless 23 year old Albanianknown for his “fan violence”, arrested on suspicion of murder Alkisa Campanos.He is still awaiting trial for a past crime in 2019, bodily harm…

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