Roads closed in Attica and Viotia due to snow and ice

Greek police stopped traffic on the mountain roads of Attica and Viotia due to snow and ice. Authorities in the northern and mountainous regions have closed schools, asking residents to limit movement on the roads and, if possible, not to leave their homes.

Due to snowfall, the movement of trucks is prohibited on the old national road Athens-Thebes, from the level of the CYCLONE gas station in Mandra in both traffic flows. For the same reason, traffic was stopped on Parnitos Avenue, from the height of the cable car to both traffic flows.

Extraordinary meeting of the coordinating body for civil protection of the Eastern Attica Regional Unit (SOPP), convened by Deputy Regional Governor Thanasis Avgerinos to better prevent and combat severe weather eventswhich will occur in the next few hours according to forecasts, based on a sharp deterioration in weather from Tuesday to Wednesday noon.

As we reported earlier, meteorologists predict for the next day storm winds with a force of 8 to 10 on the Beaufort scale, in places with heavy rains, thunderstorms and sleet in the north, with snowfall in the mountains and foothills of Attica (approximately, from a height of 500-600 meters ).

The Eastern Attica Regional Government Civil Protection Mechanism is on alert and ready to deal with natural disasters, the ministry said in a statement. At the same time, it recommends that municipalities take appropriate measures and that citizens avoid unnecessary travel and be careful following the self-protection instructions issued by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

Specifically for areas where severe weather events are expected:

Remove things that could fall. Make sure that gutters and drains are not blocked by foreign objects. Take precautions during hail, which is also dangerous for animals. Avoid: a) crossing streams and streams for several hours after the storms have ended, b) field work and activities in sea and coastal areas, c) crossing under large trees, under signs and in general in places where light objects, such as flower pots , glass, etc. may come off and fall to the ground (under balconies).

Anti-skid chains in Achaia, Etoloakarnania and Northern Greece

Traffic problems on sections of the Achaia and Etoloakarnania mountain road network were caused by snowfall, requiring the use of anti-skid chains.


In Achaia, anti-skid chains are required in the following places:

On the provincial road Kalavryta – Diakoftou, through the Great Cave. On the provincial road Kalavryta – Patras, through Chalandritsa. On the provincial road Kalavryta – Aigio, through Pteri. On the provincial road Kalavryta – Klitoria, through Lusa and Priolithos. On the provincial road Kalavryta – Ski Center. In the municipalities of Leontio, Demestiha, Rakita and Veteika of the municipality of Erymantos.

In Etoloakarnania, snow chains are required on the Kallithea-Prusu provincial road from the 12th kilometer, at the height of the local community of Lampiri, to the 18th kilometer in Arapokefala.

All of the above provincial roads have snow plows, so the roads remain open.

“Express cyclone” brought snow and strong winds to northern Greece. Snowfalls took place in the mountainous regions of Thessaloniki Prefecture, in Chalkidiki, Serra, Imathia and Pella. In Thessaloniki, northern winds blow with a force of up to 7-8 points on the Beaufort scale.

The use of snow chains is required for vehicles driving in Imathia, from the 83rd to the 97th kilometer of the old national road Thessaloniki-Veria-Kozani (via Kastania) and the provincial road Veria-Celio. In Pella, from the 20th kilometer of the Arnissa provincial road to the ski center of Vora.

According to the General Regional Police Directorate of Central Macedonia, snow chains are needed in Halkidiki from the 45th to the 62nd km of the Thessaloniki-Polygyros national road, from the 54th to the 85th km of the old Thessaloniki-Ierissos national road, from the 49th to 92nd kilometer of the Thessaloniki-Ierissos national road.

Traffic on the provincial roads Sanon-Doumbion, Vavdou-Simantron, Neohori-Varvara and Olympias-Varvara is carried out with chains, also from the 1st to the 10th km of the provincial Paleochori-Agios-Nikolaos and in the municipalities of Vaxos, Tavav, Doumbion, Polygyros and Paleokastro. Chains are needed on the forest roads Polygyros – Taxiarchis, Paleochora – Taxiarchis and Vrastamon – Taxiarchis.

Due to strong gusts of wind, two trees fell down at the intersection of Kerkiras and Makrrakhis streets in Kalamaria and at the intersection of Agrampelis and Mavromatis streets in Panorama.

Where will schools be closed?

Schools of all levels in the municipalities of Sohos, Lahana and Vertiscu of the municipality of Lagada will be closed today due to snowfall, according to the decision of Mayor Ioannis Tahmatzidis. The Lofiscu Special School will also remain closed, and kindergartens in the aforementioned areas will not operate, as will KDAP.

According to a statement from the municipality of Lagada, school units in other municipalities will continue to operate as usual. Regarding the work of school divisions tomorrow, on Wednesday, February 9, there will be a new message during the day.

Due to heavy snowfall, some schools in the municipality of Aristotelis in Chalkidiki will be closed today, Tuesday. In particular, in the communities of Arnaia, Stanou, Paleochori, Neochori, Varvara, Megali Panagia, Stagiron and Stratoniki. In the rest of the localities, schools are working normally.

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