Vaccine side effects – what the statistics say

The DW edition, based on official statistics, refutes fake rumors about the serious consequences of vaccinations against coronavirus.

Fact-checking DW

For more than a year, a vaccination campaign has been going on around the world, and social networks are still full of fake “horror stories”. The publication analyzes official data, citing specific figures. The statistics are in the public domain, and if desired, anyone can get acquainted with it.

The most common statements of netizens are: “No other vaccine has led to such a number of complications, including deaths”, “Millions die from the side effects of vaccines.”

Fact-checking DW: this is not true.

At the time of writing, 10 billion vaccinations in the world have been made using various vaccines. It is quite natural that side effects cannot be ruled out – among those who are vaccinated there are, for example, allergy sufferers who cannot tolerate certain drugs. A strong response of the human immune system cannot be ruled out: the body recognizes the vaccine and actively synthesizes antibodies in response, which, in fact, is the meaning of the vaccine. But let’s look at the number of heavy side effects.

In countries EU each such case is documented, with regular publication at the national and pan-European level. In Germany, this is done by the Paul Ehrlich Institute. In the last report, he gave data for 11 months from the start of the vaccination campaign in Germany.

In Germany, since the beginning of mass vaccination, almost 197,000 cases have been registered when a side effect of the vaccine was observed, just over 26,000 of them severe cases. Undoubtedly, the numbers at first glance are large. But in comparison with the huge number of doses of the vaccine received by the inhabitants of Germany, it becomes clear how rarely side effects occur.

The data of the specialists of the Paul Ehrlich Institute are confirmed by the all-European ones. The European agency EMA publishes general and separate statistics for each vaccine.

Upon examination, it becomes clear: adverse reactions to covid vaccinations ranged from 0.1% to 0.32%. The data of Germany are in the same range – 0.16%. Is it possible to argue with statistics and argue that “millions died” from vaccinations?

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