February 3, 2023

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Turkey’s new tactic: 60 UAV violations of Greek airspace

Turkey has apparently changed its tactics of violating Greek airspace and is now increasingly using drones to challenge the neighboring country’s eastern borders.

On Sunday 6 February, the Greek military recorded a total of 60 violations of national airspace and 2 violations of the Athens FIR.

According to the military site ArmyVoiceTurkey has been using a new tactic since the beginning of 2022, “scanning” Greek airspace with drones, collecting data on radar stations, the speed and methods of Greek air force and air defense response to border violations.

Of the 60 violations recorded on Sunday, 4 were overflights by an unmanned UAV over the islands of Astakida, Kasos and Candelius. The above aircraft were identified and intercepted in accordance with international rules and established practice.

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