Chania: five dangerous criminals escaped from prison

The alarm was raised early Monday morning after five convicts escaped from the penitentiary in the city of Chania, Crete.

According to cretapost, these are five detainees, citizens of Albania and Pakistan, who were in the detention center of the Chania police station due to transfer to another place of detention. It is reported that the five fugitives were brought to Crete on Saturday morning to be transferred to Chania prison.

Escaped prisoners convicted of criminal offenses. There is information that one of them was sentenced to three life terms for 3 murders, two for robberies and two for drug trafficking. Authorities are investigating the possibility that the fugitives have been in the Chania police detention center in the past and knew escape loops or had an accomplice.

It is still unknown whether they managed to leave the city, while the island was declared a plan to “intercept”, after which all law enforcement officers of Crete were thrown in search of the fugitives, blocking the ports and airports.

In particular, according to information from cretapost, five detainees:

34-year-old Pakistani: Sentenced to three life sentences for three murders.

43-year-old Albanian: was a member of a gang of armed robbers who actively “bombed” houses in Attica, killing the victims of the robbery. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

29-year-old Albanian: convicted of drug dealing.

34-year-old Albanian: convicted of drug trafficking.

32-year-old Albanian: convicted of robbery.

If you know anything about these people, call the police immediately.

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