A well-known scam is still running, deceiving old people

Luring money under the pretext of a perfect accident is a familiar scheme of scammers. They use it to deceive the elderly, who are gullible and painfully perceive the tragic news.

Two such incidents happened the other day. First, on February 5, the perpetrators called a resident of Drama and reported that her sister had hit a pedestrian with a fatal outcome. They offered to pay monetary compensation to the relatives of the victim in order to avoid criminal prosecution of the relative.

For greater persuasiveness, two accomplices of the foreign criminal joined the conversation – the woman introduced herself as the sister of the deceased, and the man as a police officer. This sounded convincing enough, and the swindler went to the old woman for money. However, the perpetrator was identified and detained by the police.

As it turned out, the gang committed similar actions in Kavala, unsuccessfully trying to deceive four more people. The man is detained. He was charged with creating a criminal gang and fraud. During a personal examination, money and a mobile phone were found and confiscated from him.

The detainee will be brought before the Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Drama. The security department is investigating to establish all the criminal acts of the accomplices.

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