Harvard and Columbia University open graduate and undergraduate departments in Greece

The transfer of their branches to Greece will be carried out by such world-famous educational institutions as Harvard and Columbia University.

This will focus on specific subjects of specialization, the functioning of the departments will be carried out in cooperation with the University of Athens and the Technical University of Athens, as stated by the Ministry of Education, promoting the project.

According to the report, the first department expected to be operational is related to immigration studies and will be run by Harvard and EKPA.

In an interview, EKPA Rector Thanos Dimopoulos said: “This action is the result of a systematic collaboration between EKPA and Harvard professors who deal with immigration, exploring the phenomenon from many perspectives, such as law, medicine and politics. We hope that this collaboration and the first summer practical sessions will be a harbinger of a broader collaboration that will concern the creation of a postgraduate program.”

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