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Murder in Thessaloniki: one of the suspects fled to Albania

In the investigation into the murder of Alkis Campanos, new facts appear every day. Today it became known that one of the attackers crossed the border into Albania. reports that yesterday security officers identified him, but the 20-year-old Albanian managed to escape the day before, the day before yesterday he crossed the Greek-Albanian border.

The identity of the perpetrator, as it turned out, is contained in the database of the security service. According to the information, this is a close friend arresteda member of the same fan club and in 2019 participated in a similar attack, near the site of the death of Alkis. A case has been opened against him, but he was at large, as was the detainee after the murder 23 year old Albanian.

Alexis Kougias, lawyer for Alkis Campanos’ family, tells LiveSport:

“Personally, I am afraid that the rest have already fled to Albania, and are looking for them in Greece. This will be seen in the next two days. I will be in Veria on Sunday morning to speak with the Alkis family, and on Tuesday in Thessaloniki, the day after the accused’s apology, to collect the case file. As long as we don’t know anything, we are blind without it.”

The lawyer is concerned that the other participants in the attack have not yet been arrested:

I am concerned that the arrest of others involved in the attack is being delayed. We’re talking about Thessaloniki, not New York. This is a city where everyone knows everyone. Especially after this place was found, and what was found on it. Yesterday I received news that shocked me. They sent me a photo with the alleged killer of Alkis. Next to him is the son of a senior officer of the department for combating sports violence in Thessaloniki. I will bring this photo to the attention of the authorities.

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