February 3, 2023

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Another case of domestic violence

Authorities in Rethymno are investigating another case of domestic violence in which a drunken husband attacked his wife.

According to the site cretapost.gr, this is a 36-year-old man in Rethymnon who returned home on Thursday, February 3, while drunk and started to rage right from the doorstep.

According to neighbors, the drunken man broke down the door and grabbed his 33-year-old wife by the neck, who could not react in any way.

According to the same information, the neighbors, having heard about the incident, informed the police, who immediately rushed to the place, seeing that the man continued to hold his wife by the neck. The drunken man was immediately tied up, detained and taken to the prosecutor’s office.

According to experts, unfortunately, domestic violence has become more frequent during the pandemic, as more than 5,800 incidents were recorded in 2021.

The prosecutor opened a criminal case against a resident of Rethymno, who will be judged as “caught red-handed at the scene of a crime,” i.e. without delay (Αυτόφωρο Δικαστήριο).

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